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Privacy Policy

The following is a summary of our privacy policy, as required by law regarding how information is collected and used. It outlines how your information is protected regarding federal laws and the choices you have regarding your personal or protected information.


The collection of personal information regarding our customers is done in an effort to improve our website and service, to provide you with the best customized internet experience while on our website, and to obtain valuable information about our customers, in order to improve the website experience for everyone. We do not share any of your information provided with any third parties unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, or as required by law.


In order to improve the overall customer experience and improve our services, we may employ the use of browser cookies, forms or surveys or from other information you supply to us in other manners.


When we ask you to complete a form, we may require such information as  your email address, which allows us to contact you regarding special promotions or other information which may be of interest to you. You always have a choice to “opt out” of such communications, as required by law. If you provide any other information about yourself, we will only use this information for the purposes of communications regarding products or services which may be of benefit to you.


We may utilize a variety of methods to capture information which tracks your visit and records information regarding your activities on our site. This information is never made available to third parties and it is stored securely on our web servers for later reference.

Some of the information obtained this way may include:

  • the date/time of your visit
  • number of times you visited
  • type of browser you are using on our site
  • your specific IP address
  • your trackback link
  • how long you stayed on the page/pages
  • your city, county, state information
  • and other information about your visit or IP behavior

The above information serves to help us create a profile of your browsing habits and some specific information about you, so that we might improve the customer experience for you , as well as others who might frequent our website. It will never be handed over to other parties, unless mandated by law or other extenuating circumstances.


Cookies are just temporary internet files which reside on your computer and are used to track information regarding your search habits. You may remove these cookies at any time you choose by changing the settings in your browser or by dumping your temporary file directory. However, to maintain the best experience on our site and optimize your choices, it is to your advantage to keep cookies in tact, so that you will be able to find what you  need on our site quickly and easily the next time you return, and to get the most out of our website.


We promise to protect your personal information, in accordance with federal laws, including but not limited to the HIPAA agreement and the FACTA laws regarding consumer protections.While we cannot guarantee that our system is 100% hacker-proof, we make every effort to be vigilant regarding our customers’ information and protect it from falling into the wrong hands.

In addition, we promise not to lease, sell, or rent data about you to third parties, except under the following conditions as required by law:

  • when law enforcement or public safety policy requires it
  • as neeed in connection with a business transfer of assets
  • to protect our rights and property in a legal dispute
  • to agents or officials who must use it on our behalf in special circumstances



The law requires us to allow you to opt out of any communications we send you which are a result of utilizing the information you provide us on our site, and you may do so by simply sending us an email requesting us to cease sending you such information via email or other means.


We respect your privacy and we make our best efforts to provide the best experience to our visitors by utilizing your information in ways that benefit you, while guarding your privacy from third parties. If you have any questions on our privacy policy, contact us.